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Are individual trips on offer, or just for a group?

All scheduled trips are designed for groups of 15-18 people of similar interests. The groups have joint activities, in which they socialize and get to know each other, cooperate and progress in their interests. Therefore, it is not desirable to include people of other interests in the group.

However, group trips fill only 50% of the time per year, so there is enough time for individual guests to stay with us. The offer is then somewhat different: the arrangement includes only basic services (accommodation, meals, taxes), while all activities are optional, and are paid separately.

Are the start dates of the arrangement fixed?

Yes, trips start and end on a specific date. They last 7 days (at sea or in the mountains), or 14 days, for guests who want to connect their stay to both locations.

Individual trips, which can be organized during the rest of the year, can start any day, and last as long as the guest wants (at least 5 days).

I would take family or friends on the trip, who do not want to participate in all activities ...

It is a completely natural desire to take a loved one with you on a trip. That is why we have provided on our trips an option for guests who do not participate in regular daily activities. We organize other types of activities for them, even for children (older than 7 years). Also, in addition to the planned activities, these guests can schedule some of the additional services, such as numerous day trips and activities in our offer.

Please note that all our accommodation facilities are organized as double rooms.

I am interested in the combination of sea + mountains. Is such a journey possible?

This is exactly the trip we recommend to our guests. The combination of sea and mountains is ideal for health, relaxation and general condition of the organism.

All our trips are planned so that they can be easily connected, and after 7 days at sea, after only 2 hours of driving, you continue your 7 day stay and similar activities on the mountain.

How to get to Montenegro?

We recommend traveling by plane. You need to let us know which flight and which airport you are coming to (Podgorica or Tivat), and we will pick you up from the airport.

The option of arriving by car is also possible, we will send you the exact GPS coordinates, you will easily find us.

Is the list of daily activities the same at different times of the year?

The daily activities envisaged in the travel plan are approximate, but do not differ much during the year. Weather conditions by the sea are slightly variable during the year, while active holidays on the mountain can vary significantly at different times of the year.

But, that is not worrying - we have prepared a whole series of activities that are adapted to different weather conditions, so that no guest will miss interesting experiences.

Is there an option for individual choice of daily activities?

The Daily tours page contains a list of optional daily activities that are not included in the price. Any of these activities is available upon request, you only need to announce your plans upon arrival.

Are there real risks during daily activities?

We have paid full attention to the safety of our guests. With the group, there is a professional, experienced guide on all activities, who will warn you of all potential dangers. But regardless of the guide, there are no real risks of injury at all locations and activities.

Is travel and health insurance required?

We recommend all guests to provide travel and health insurance before departure. The health care system in Montenegro is reliable and efficient, but it is certainly advisable to be insured while traveling.

What exactly does 'all inclusive' mean?

The term 'all inclusive' means that all services provided by the travel program are included in the price listed. Accommodation, meals and daily activities from the list are included. Also all transfers, tickets, natural juices and refreshments. The price does not include the cost of arriving in Montenegro and returning home, travel and health insurance, optional day trips, as well as alcoholic beverages.

How are individual additional services paid for?

All additional services that are not included in the "all inclusive" option are paid when ordering, on the spot. Since credit cards are not applicable in every location, we recommend that you carry a small amount of cash with you. ATMs can be found in even the smallest cities.

What is the easiest way to make a reservation?

We recommend that you contact us by e-mail, at the address on the Contact page. In the message, emphasize what type of trip you are interested in, what date suits you, and how many people would come with you. Since the groups we organize have a minimum number of guests, we will put your application on the list until it is definite that the desired group will be organized. We will then call you and complete the booking process.

What is the best way to pay the deposit when booking, and what about the rest of the trip price?

A deposit of 30% of the total price of the trip is easiest to make to our PayPal account. You can make a payment from your PayPal account as well as from your credit card. You can make the rest of the payment in cash, upon arrival.

What happens in case of extraordinary circumstances that prevent travel?

The trip can be canceled no later than 20 days before the trip, without explaining the reason for the cancellation, and the deposit will be refunded in full.

In case of extraordinary circumstances that prevent you from arriving, and there are less than 20 days left until the trip, we will allow you to travel in another term.

Are there any risks of Covid-19 infection while traveling?

The probability of contracting the Covid-19 virus on this trip is minimal. Guest groups are small, activities are mostly in nature, our guests do not move in city crowds and large groups. Accommodation is separated from populated areas, so the number of contacts with people outside the group and travel organizers - is minimal.

Are personal protection measures mandatory?

If there are legal obligations regarding testing and personal protection during your trip, those obligations will be respected. The organizers of the trip do not have any additional requirements regarding testing and personal protective measures, because on this trip the probability of getting sick is minimal.

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General questions

I like the accommodation and location, but I want to organize my stay on my own. Is that possible?

You can book accommodation in our apartments or mountain houses regardless of the proposed trips. Of course, the dates for such reservations are exclusively in the period of the year when group trips are not organized.

All arrangements are scheduled for spring and fall. What can be organized in summer or winter?

We have planned individual trips for winter and summer. However, if you are interested in assembling a group of at least 12 guests with your friends, we can organize any of the above group trips during the period of the year that suits you best.