Seacoast Activities

Activities on Boka Kotorska bay

One of the 13 most beautiful bays in the world, the southernmost fjord in Europe, is the place where the crystal clear and warm Adriatic Sea embraces the steep slopes of the mountains Lovćen and Orjen, has always attracted attention with its beauty and strategic position. Numerous civilizations have left their traces in Boka Bay, especially in the old town of Kotor and the town of Perast and that was the reason UNESCO put it under protection in 1978.

Join us on one of our active tour and enjoy nature and physical activities, enrich yourself with stories about history and culture, and get inspired by exceptional beauty!

Check out why biking is right for you

Mountain Biking

Although mountain biking as an organized activity is still in its infancy here, there are many possibilities for genuinely wonderful biking on Orjen and Lovćen mountains.


Orjen and sorounding areas are perfect environment for cycling. There are many tracks,running through the nature, that can be used for cycling (mountain biking). These paths are rarely used by car drivers, end they go through the prettiest regions, worth a visit. The most popular MTB tracks on Orjen are:

  • Vrbanj (1009 m) – Orjensko sedlo (1600 m) - Estimated time of ascent: 01:00- 01:50, discent : 00:30- 01:00, technical difficulty: average, physical difficulty: average, final destination: a passage on the higest point of the massif that can be approached by the road, great view.
  • Vrbanj (1009 m) – Vučji do (1080 m) - Time: 00:20- 00:40, technical difficulty : moderate, physical: moderate, destination: traditional katun, settled in the base of Subra, one of the well known peaks of Orjen.
  • Vrbanj (1009 m) – Žukovica (1150 m) - Time in ascent: 00:20-00:30, discent: 00:20-00:30, technical difficulty:moderate, physical: moderate, destination: katun and sightseeing point of Subra Amphitheatre, the most interesting detail of Adriatic Dinarides.
  • Orjensko sedlo (1600 m) – Crkvice (1080 m) - Time in discent: oo:45- 01:15, time in ascent: 01:15-02:20, technical difficulty: moderate, physical: moderate, destination: remains of austro-hungarian military barrackand nearby fortifications.
  • Mokrine (490 m) – Vidov vrh (781 m) – Sitnica (870 m) - Time in ascent: 01:10-01:50 (without stopping at Vidov vrh), time in discent:00:45-01:15 (without pausing at Vidov vrh), technical difficulty: moderate to great, physical difficuly: great in ascent, moderate in descent, destination: the road itself is a main curiosity, as well as the lovely viewing points at the dispatching points to Vidov vrh and Ravni brijeg.
  • Kameno (485 m) – Žlijebska lastva (900 m) – Dugunja (1000 m) – Ubli (750 m) - Time in ascent:01:10-01:40, in ascent: 00:30-00:50, technical difficulty: minor, physical: moderate, destination: Large village sorounded by peaks of Orjen, excellent viewing points by the way.
  • Kameno (485 m) – Borići (800 m) – Kamenska ravan (1160 m) - Time in ascent:01:10-02:00, time in ascent: 00:40-01:00, technical difficulty: moderate,great on macadam, physical difficulty: great in ascent, destination: coming to the base part of the passage Vratlo is an enjoyment itself, with a beautiful mountain milieu, and after the passage we are entering a central massif with karst valleys, rocky ridges, and the most impressive –Subra.
  • Kameno (485 m) – Silobod (480 m) - Time:00:30-00:45,technical difficulty: minor, physical:moderate, destination: finishing sequence is a hiking-cycling track with excellent view of the entrance to Boka Kotorska and sorounding hiking tracks.
  • Lovćen

    Besides walking and hiking, the Park can be visited with mountain bikes, using those historical Austro-Hungarian roads or todays macadam road which take to practically all former Orjen shepherds’ camps.

    Road Biking

    The road that leads along the coast of the Bay of Kotor is ideal for a dayly trip by bike. The route passes through beautiful coastal settlements, as well as next to famous historical sites, so you can use the pause in cycling to visit the sights. The circle around the inner bay is 45 km long, but it can be increased by going to Herceg Novi, Tivat or even Budva.

    Also, the Lustica peninsula is an ideal area for cycling. There is an asphalt road around the entire peninsula, with a total length of about 50 km, which allows cyclists to enjoy the natural beauty, but also the physical activity that awaits you on this trail.

    Kayaking is the hiking of water activities!


    The Bay of Kotor is the most beautiful Bays in the Mediterranean. Due to dark water and steep surrounding mountains it is often compared with Norwegian fjords. The coast of the Bay is decorated with numerous stone houses and beautiful churches originating from the middle century. It is fantastic feeling to observe the medieval scenery directly from the sea.


    No previous experience in kayaking is required, only the good physical condition and desire for adventure. You can pass the great deal of the coast from Kotor to the middle of the Bay and you will have the opportunity to swim, to snorkel or simply enjoy the scenery.

    The peddle starts in small place Muo, where you get the kayaks and take over the gear. You paddle along different coastal places on both sides of the Bay like: Prcanj, Dobrota, Orahovac, Stoliv, Ljuta, etc. If you have the energy you can reach the small picturesque place Perast in cca 3 hours. In from the Perast there are two beautiful islands Our Lady of the Rock, artificial island from 16th c. and St George. Church visit is optional.

    You can make the swimming break on one of the numerous small keys.

    Unique experience - cruising thru southest fjord in Europe by turist boat or by speedboat!


    Experience the natural beauty and take in the historic sites of the Bay of Kotor on a day cruise. The unforgettable cruise offers enjoyment above all you ever imagined. Panoramic tour of 4 bays comprising Boka - Tivat bay, Herceg Novi bay, Risan bay and Kotor Bay. A chance for open sea swimming. Visit to Blue Cave, a cave of the unusual blue color, one of the great attractions of Boka, located on the Luštica peninsula. Visit to the Gospa od Škrpjela (Our Lady of the Rocks) isle, an important cultural landmark of Boka Kotorska bay.

    What will you see?

    Bay of Kotor is the pearl of our country and the best way to feel and enjoy it is by boat. Reflection of the steep mountains in the calm water, beautiful stone houses of famous captains and sailors, picturesque islands, caves, and centuries old traces of history are the reason why our Bay is on the Bucket list of many world travelers.

    While you are enjoying this breathtaking place from the boat, you will have a chance to visit Our Lady of the Rock Island, famous Blue Cave where swimming is great experience and of course you will have time to relax on the beach enjoying fresh drink or even lunch if you wish. Very interesting war tunnels are on the way so we will peek into and discover less known history of this Adriatic pearl.

    We suggest you spend a day hanging out with the horses. It’s fun, relaxing, even therapeutic!

    hanging out with horses

    For those who adore animals, furry creatures always have the power to put a smile on your face, irrespective of how bad your day has been. However, even if you are not a fan of animals, research has shown that interacting with horses can help keep the blues away. For those who are looking for a daily pick-me-up, try establishing a budding relationship with a horse and you can bet that you will instantly start to feel better.

    What do we gain from horses?

    Spending time with horses can be quite a learning experience. Through daily interaction, children learn how good performance is a product of understanding, patience, forgiveness, and other such essentials. Hanging out with horses can make one’s day take a turn for the better in simple ways.

    Off-road riding

    If you are a more experienced rider, we definitely recommend field riding in groups of up to six riders and for about two hours. The terrains of Luštica will surely delight you. Our horses will help bring you one step closer to an individual experience in connecting with nature.

    Riding school

    Whether you will be a good rider depends mostly on how you learn the first riding steps. Horseback riding is not limited to gender or age, and anyone can become a rider if they are willing to learn, accept knowledge and instructions in order to be able to ride independently. Under the watchful eye of a riding instructor, our trained and good-natured horses will teach you riding techniques, but above all they will teach you to think and know yourself through various situations that require physical effort, perception and quick response to a reaction. We also recommend riding to people with a lack of self-confidence, whom we help reduce the feeling of insecurity and fear and improve the feeling of general well-being.

    Archery is addictive. You have been warned!


    Archery is a challenging activity that develops hand/eye coordination and concentration. It is the type of activity that does not require huge blocks of time in one's busy schedule, and archers can develop their skills as their time allows.

    We offer a Beginners Archery course that caters to the individual who never picked up a bow or those who want to learn the basics to improve their skills on the range. Our instructors are certified and class sizes are kept small to maintain an optimum student/instructor ratio.

    Who can participate?

    Our course does not require you to bring any equipment, since everything you need will be provided for the course. Just bring yourself and your friends and family to enjoy a past time that will develop into a passion. The classes total approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours divided between class time and range time. The classes cover all the fundamentals and principles necessary to handle and shoot a bow safely.

    Classes are open to adults, and young adults ages 12-18. We encourage parents and guardians to sign up for the class as well and many find learning archery with their kids is a great experience.