swiss village

Veslo, Boka Kotorska, Montenegro.

swiss village

General Information

Complex APARTMENTS SWISS VILLAGE, located in untouched nature on the Lustica peninsula, offers its guests a complete experience staying in luxury accommodation away from the urban, city bustle. The complex is separated from the village and the main road, surrounded by forest, and provides peace, quiet and a unique seaview. Our guests have privacy, balconies with deck chairs, barbecue, free parking. Accommodation is in modern apartments with free Wi-Fi and cable television. Several exceptional beaches, of different types and sizes, are just a short drive away Swiss Village complex. There is a large and popular beach Žanjic, with numerous restaurants, then a hidden stone inlet Veslo, as well as a small, exclusive beach Dobreč. Nearby is the famous traditional fisherman's village Rose, which is now a tourist attraction, with a picturesque ambience and exclusive restaurants.

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  • Herceg Novi - 44 km
  • Porto Montenegro - 23 km
  • Njegos mausoleum - 52 km
  • Dubrovnik - 89 km
  • Kotor - 22 km
  • Budva - 35 km
  • Cetinje - 66 km
  • Trebinje - 81 km
  • Perast - 36 km
  • Ada Bojana - 114 km
  • Rijeka Crnojevića - 79 km
  • Vrbanj (Orjen) - 61 km


  • ZANJICE (Pebbles, Chairs) - 4.4 km
  • LUSTICA BAY (Small Pebbles, Chairs) - 9 km
  • PLAVI HORIZONTI (Sand, Chairs) - 11.5 km
  • ALMARA BEACH CLUB (Sand, Chairs and Live Music) - 8 km
  • VESLO CAMP (Pebbles, no Chairs) - 2 km
  • FISHERMANS VILLAGE (Stones, Chairs) - 4.2 km