yoga retreat

"A wake-up call" - Yoga Retreat

price from 980 € / person

This 7-day retreat is a perfect combination of yoga and meditation - classes and practice, and daily excursions on beautiful Montenegrin seacoast or mountains. Experience the unique eco destination!

Accomodation on seacoast

Complex APARTMENTS SWISS VILLAGE, located in untouched nature on the Lustica peninsula, offers its guests a complete experience staying in luxury accommodation away from the urban, city bustle. The complex is separated from the village and the main road, surrounded by forest, and provides peace, quiet and a unique seaview. Our guests have privacy, balconies with deck chairs, barbecue, free parking. Accommodation is in modern apartments with free Wi-Fi and cable television. Several exceptional beaches, of different types and sizes, are just a short drive away Swiss Village complex.

Accomodation in mountains

Nadgora, a quiet resort located within National Park Durmitor, 6km from Zabljak city center. Take a short ride towards Curevac sightseeing spot, and within 10 minutes you'll stumble upon untouched nature with dreamy cottages and local hosts making home made organic food. It hosts up to 20 guests all year round, through individual bookings as well as group seminars & team-buildings. In the summertime we offer guided tours from trekking and mushroom picking, to mountain bike riding, rafting, canyoning and horse back riding. During the winter months our tours range from snow trekking, skiing and cross country skiing to snowboarding and snow kiting.


  • 7 nights accommodation in two-beds rooms
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and detox smoothie
  • 1 yoga class every morning
  • 1 meditation class every evening
  • 1 excursion everyday
  • 24 hours available detox herbal water
  • Transfer from and to airport

Food & drink

The following meals are included:
- Breakfast
- Lunch
- Dinner

The following drinks are included:
- Natural tea
- Detox juices

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:
- Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
- Other dietary requirements on request

All foods used to prepare meals are of natural origin, collect in the forest or from local farms. Meals are prepared according to a traditional local recipe.

"A wake-up call" - classes

Yoga – „There is no trap greater than ilussion, no power greater than yoga, no friends better than knowledge, no enemy greater than pride.“
Why exactly yoga? Yoga binds all our threads together and makes us whole. The bring us home - to ourselves.
Yoga provides a wide array of benefits to detox the body on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Many postures increase blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and help the liver work optimally to cleanse the organism.

Hatha yoga – „Ha“ means Sun, „Tha“ means „Moon“ . These words together are towards to connect and unity of opposites. Yin yoga – Yin is a symbol of female energy, a symbol of night, lunar energy. By practicing yin yoga we are able to accept things as they are.

Double yoga – Connects people, makes them confident, increases understanding of poses, understanding of our body, its possibilities, but also the possibilities of other people. Develops and strengthens mutual support.

Self-masage 5 elements – During the practice of self –masage we will get to know the 5 eternal elements and estabilish connections with ourselves ath the deepest level.

Conscious walking – Let‛s learn this technique and make our walking more interesting and healthier. Let‛s get rid of fear and insecurity. Focuse our attention in every step. Let us be aware of each movement. Let‛s focus the mind on one field and not let it wander.

Pranayama – The term is derived from several Sanskrit roots: ″Prana″ meaning ″vital life force″ , ″Yama″ meaning ″control″ and ″Ayama″ meaning ″extension″ or ″expansion″. Together, these words imply focus on breath and it‛s control. During the practice of pranayama we release the body from toxins, increase the body‛s resistance and vitality. These technicques lead us to inner peace.

Mudra – In the ancient language India and Nepal, Mudra means ‛Seal‛, ‛Sighn‛. Mudra is a silent language through witch the body communicates with the mind in order to achieve perfect balance.

Open with open chakras – Tha Chakras or ‛Vortex‛ are energy center in our bodies, the center of energy and consciousness.

Meditations in the night – Meditations on the beautiful wild beaches, under to Moon and stars, with the sounds of the waves take us deeper inside ourselves to be born again.

I create – The creative art workshops will show us, not just what everyting is possible to make by some materials, yet what we are to do by ourselves. During of the processing and productioning some objects we also change ourselves.

Daily plan

to 7:00 - Getting up
7:30 - Yoga
8:30 - Breakfast
9:30 - Departure for the excursion
15:00 - Return from the excursion
15:30 - Lunch
18:30 - Meditation (Beach Veslo, Plavi Horizonti, Arza, Žanjic, Rose, Plavi Horizonti rocks)
20:30 - Dinner and socializing


Walking tours are available daily. We organise daily excursions which are included in price.
- Vrmac
- San Giovanni
- Španjola
- Lovćen
- Perast
- Horse farm & Archery

What's not included?

* Accident and travel insurance,
* Transfer from/to airports outside Montenegro (Dubrovnik, Tirana),
* Massages,
* Other services not mentioned in the "What's included" section.

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at either Podgorica Airport (TGD) or Tivat Airport (TIV). Transfer from and to any of these airports is included. We will pick you up from the airport.

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